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Sunday, 16 July 2006
going for a walk on a racetrack

<p> i was at giro de burnaby, a bicycle race wherein multiple professional bicycle teams careen at high speeds around a loop of streets.</p><p>

 the streets are closed.  fences are posted.  signs are posted.  this is a bicycle race.  you can physically see these men and women on two wheels zipping around at lightning speeds.</p><p>

 yet many, many, many people decided that those barriers don't really apply to them.  they'd hop over the police tape, and push their kids' strollers to the other side of the street.  </p><p>

 people out for an evening stroll just meandered over the bright yellow police tape between the steel fencing as we volunteers told them, "hey, don't do that!"</p><p>

 and they just laughed and waved their hand as if we were the ones being stupid.</p><p>

 it's a miracle no one got hurt.</p><p>

seems like common sense to me: don't get on a race track in the middle of a race!</p><p>


 if you see a race, and you can see where the race is happening, don't take your kids in their strollers out across the track for a stroll!  don't take your dogs!  don't roll your wheelchair!  don't casually meander across like a goomba!</p><p>

 and if you do, don't do a little dance in jest like that one guy who nearly got his ass clipped by the pace car (a ferrari) when a volunteer screams at you because the bicycles are seriously coming and you need to get the heck out of the road!  they're right there!  look out!  holy crap!  you're gonna kill somebody!</p>

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Posted by jmmcdermott at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 15 July 2006 12:55 PM CDT

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